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About The Williams Mediation Group
About The Williams Mediation Group

The Williams Mediation Group (WMG), founded in 2010, by Attorney Ronald E. Williams offers a full complement of dispute resolution services which include; but is not limited to mediation, facilitation, coaching, mentor mediation, visitation, workplace disputes, child support, EEO matters and elder care issues.  Mr. Williams is a retired member of the Senior Executive Service from the US Patent and Trademark Office.   He has over 25 years of management experience and more than 20 years of alternative dispute resolution experience.  He was recently inducted into the International Academy of Mediators (IAM).

He is a Federally certified Mediator who is available and has mediated cases for several  federal agencies and is a Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator for General District Courts, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts, and Circuit Court Family Mediator.  Additionally, he is a certified “Mentor Mediator” for the the Virginia Supreme Court and The Department of the Navy.

WMG primarily uses a facilitative style of mediation whereby the mediator works with the parties to help them identify the issues and come up with options for resolution.  The ultimate decision or agreement is up to the parties.  The role of the mediator is to facilitate a conversation between the parties and help them craft a resolution that addresses their concerns.  If the parties are unable to reach a resolution their rights to seek further legal redress is not adversely affected.  However, in mediation, the parties have complete control over the outcome of their dispute as opposed to having a third party decide for them.

Mr. Williams, currently is on the roster of mediators for the ” Northern Virginia Mediation Services (NVMS),” “The DC Superior Court – Multi Door Program,”  “The Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, “ “ Alexandria Community Mediation,” “Peninsula Mediation and ADR.”   He has mediated workplace and/or  EEO matters for the Social Security Administration,  The Department of Transportation, The Department of the Navy, colleges/universities and private businesses. 

He is a member of the Virginia Mediation Network and The Association of Conflict Resolution (ACR). Currently he is  the  President of the Maryland Chapter of ACR and a member of  MOCA – Mediators of Color Alliance.

In 2015, Mr. Williams was recognized as “The Outstanding Family Mediator of the Year” by NVMS – Northern Virginia Mediation Service.

    About us

    Ronald E. Williams, Sr.,  a retired attorney, is a certified mediatior by the Virginia Supreme Court with over 20 years experience in alternative dispute resolution.

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